OSRS Shanty

Jan 26, 2021

Shanty is an OSRS project that has been under development for over three years, slowly but surely shaping into the next top-quality RSPS experience to feature the best of Oldschool while also putting something new on the table.

...surely there have been many projects that have said similar things. Let's just set the theme and let the rest of the thread speak for itself.

• [user]Sino[/user] - Owner, Lead Developer
• [user]Maximax[/user] - Game Designer, Model Designer, Map Designer

Special Thanks‎‏‏‎
• [user]Arham[/user] - Ex-Owner, Ex-Developer, Ex-Game Designer
• [user]King Waldo[/user] - Map Designer


Update #1 - The Abattoir, the Warriors' Guild, and the Abyssal Sire - January 30th, 2022
Update #2 - Vorkath, Demonic Gorillas, many more Slayer monsters, and God Wars Bosses - February 27th, 2022
Update #3 - Fishing Haven, Woodcutting Haven, more work on GWD, and some QoL improvements - March 29th, 2022
Update #4 - Village of Shadows, Custom Slayer Tower, Barrows, Duel Arena, and the Kalphite Queen - May 10th, 2022
Update #5 - The Wilderness Realm and the Duel Realm - July 31st, 2022
Update #6 - Premium stock, the recycling bag, and Bezalis Desert - August 31st, 2022
Update #7 - Verdant Domains, Mage Arena 2, Cerberus, Bryophyta, and Slayer Rewards - June 24th, 2023 (Shanty's 3 year anniversary!)
Update #8 - Occultism, Asset Development, and Bug Fixing - May 1st, 2024



The overworld of Shanty is currently under construction and areas shown in this thread may change in the future.

Shanty Island‎‏‏‎
In this server, your journey will take place in Shanty Island, a custom-made landmass of a similar span to F2P OSRS (wilderness nonwithstanding). This new miniature world will group up all of Gielinor's most worthwhile features in an organic yet compact arrangement.


Shanty Island - Home (Shanty City)‎‏‏‎
Shanty City features a number of useful facilities ranging from the usual shops and thieving stalls, to an all-new rooftop agility course, means of transportation around the island, and more.​

Spoiler for Shanty City:


Main square‎‏‏‎
Welcome to Shanty City!


Cart transportation system
An underground railway can be accessed right by the town square. This transportation network will take you to or near all major cities and locations.




The Alley - Corrupt fairy ring system, pet insurance, taxidermist


The Shopside - POH portal, Slayer Master, Weapon shop, Armour shop, Ranged shop, Warding workshop, Mage of zamorak, Smithing & Smithing shop, Estate agent


Port Shanty
Side note: Listen to this and look at the above and below pictures. Epic feeling.

The Yapping Werestool
Be careful not to be near a drunk pirate, or else he might bump into you and start fighting you as well!


Shanty Island - Town of Luce‎‏‏‎
Shanty Island's desert town features plenty of minigames, a new rooftop agility course, and hosts the conflict against the invading Slayer monsters (see Slayer Enhanced below).​

Spoiler for Town of Luce:


The Abattoir
A new Slayer area, also known as the slaughterhouse. Read the "Slayer Enhanced" section below for more details!

The Warriors' Guild
Our new desert-themed Warriors' Guild brings the features you know to a new light.


Note: The above video was made before the Duel Realm changes.
The Duel Realm
The Duel Realm exists for gamblers duelers to duel in an area that doesn't congest our overworld in Shanty. With the Duel Arena being so wide with all 4 arenas, it just had to be done!

More will be posted about the Town of Luce soon!


Shanty Island - Village of Shadows‎‏‏‎
Shanty Island's swamp village features the center of an enticing lore coupled with regular RuneScape activities like Barrows.​

Spoiler for Village of Shadows:




Custom Crafting Guild
The Crafting Guild hosts an enhanced pottery wheel, spinning wheel, and furnace (for up to gold ore). If you have suggestions for more features here, let us know!


Krystilia's Camp
Krystilia is an exception to our Slayer enhancements and will be her own separate master staying true to RuneScape's Slayer system. The Corrupt fairy ring system can be seen here as well.


Tyrant's Damnation Pub


Ganlow's Garment Grove (left) and Werton's Gemstones (right)

Our Custom Debonair Costumes from Ganlow's Garment Grove


Shanty Island - Skilling Havens‎‏‏‎
In traditional RSPS fashion, gathering nodes will be grouped together in dedicated areas for skilling. These areas will be lively and ensure all our players can have a grand time training their skills.​

Spoiler for Skilling Havens:


Fishing Haven & Port Pallente

Fishing Haven - Fishing Student scene

Woodcutting Haven - East


Woodcutting Haven - West - Redwood Trees


Woodcutting Haven - West - Sulliusceps


Mining Haven

Shanty Island - Here Be Crabs‎‏‏‎
Here, sand crabs are spread across our beautiful miniature beach. Newcomers can venture here to train their initial combat skills!

Listen to this Sea Shanty 2 crab rave music for the vibes.​


The Wilderness Realm‎‏‏‎
Sitting somewhere in the high seas, somewhere in the far reaches of another realm lies the Wilderness Realm - a realm that is connected to our world only through the corrupt fairy ring network. Don't worry though, the Wilderness is just as you remember it to be.

Spoiler for The Wilderness Realm:


The Ruined Outpost




The Mage Arena


Chaos Altar


Wilderness God Wars Dungeon


Crazy Archaeologist


Chaos Fanatic‎‏‏‎






Chaos Elemental


Wilderness Achievements


Edgeville Dungeon


Warding Reborn‎‏‏‎
Brought to Shanty from the depths of Jagex's scrapped concepts, this new skill will enable players to create a variety of magical items from utility trinkets to new combat gear. Dozens of hours of ideation and reiteration have gone into filling in the blanks and making due adjustments around the differences between OSRS and RSPS, all to bring you a never-before-seen piece of skilling content that will serve as a platform for yet more unique additions to Shanty as development moves forward.



Premium Stocks‎‏‏‎

To give a sense of scarcity to items while still maintaining the ease of an RSPS, Shanty holds the concept of having shops own a premium version of their shop stocks. Premium goods do not restock over time. Instead, players must restock these shops using provision tickets which can be generated using recycling bags. Recycling bags can be picked up at the nearest recycling bin!​

Spoiler for Premium Stocks:

The recycling bag being put to use


Interface for the recycle bin

Slayer Enhanced‎‏‏‎
Existing skills will be touched up to some extent or other in Shanty. As of yet, Slayer is our most prominent example.​

Spoiler for Slayer:

The basic gist of Slayer is just as it was before: a slayer master assigns you a task and you kill mobs accordingly.

In Shanty, we have moved aside a large portion of the more boring mobs, with the in-game narrative of it being that some species have settled on Shanty Island while others haven't had as much success. In conjunction with revamped task lists, this should make Slayer a great deal more fun than it's ever been!

For yet more added spice, we will not be delegating all Slayer Master duties to poor ol' Vannaka, but will instead feature multiple masters to receive tasks from.

Settled monsters
Settled monsters can be found either in dungeons (just like regular RuneScape's) or the revamped Slayer tower. Slayer masters will tell the player where to find each and every monster and how to get there.

The Abattoir
This new facility acts as a centralized access point for all of the "large portion of the more boring mobs" that serve little purpose outside Slayer tasks. Pyrefiends? Find them in The Abattoir. Minotaurs? Also in The Abattoir.


Slayer masters
In an effort for more variance, Shanty has most Slayer masters available. They are all available at the same location.

The NPC residing in the slayer master hut is player-sided; player A could see Vannaka, but player B could see Duradel on the same tile.


The Regular RS Good Stuff
In case it needs saying, Shanty's original features will indeed coexsist with all the usual good stuff.​

Spoiler for The Regular RS Good Stuff:

Yes, [user]Arham[/user] absolutely sucks at PvM. But hey, give him a break, he's using a laptop and all. :$

God Wars Dungeon Bosses



Abyssal Sire

Kalphite Queen


Demonic Gorillas




Fossil Island Wyverns


Fight caves
Currently, we have support for all waves, but we may shrink it down for your convenience.


Pet Insurance‎‏‏‎

Dwarf multicannon
Just a casual massacre of men and women.



Entity stacking


A sneak-peek of Occultism, Shanty's new skill that is being developed.


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At this time, the Discord server is private, so please send a PM if you would like to join.

Upon release, 3 random people will be chosen to receive a special reward for having us in their signature.

• Thanks for the very early support [user]Suic[/user]!
• Thanks for the early support [user]Nozemi[/user] and the enthusiasm for Shanty Island!
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• Thanks for the very early support [user]SilverNova[/user] and for always being willing to help out and offer new ideas and perspectives.
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• Thanks for the support [user]Zak[/user]! We hope you enjoy our updates.
• Thanks for the support [user]Pita[/user]! Hope the Discord is nice to you.
• Thanks for the support [user]Kirazo[/user]! You look awesome too, and we can't wait for you to play in our server soon.

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Can't believe I got the honor to be the first poster on this amazing thread. Let me just tell you that this project has some of the brightest developers, game designers that shine the brightest of all, and the best community you'll ever meet.

Here's what the project has:
  • Latest Oldschool Content?
  • Unique Additions? (Warding, New Maps, etc.)
  • Hard working developers?
  • Amazing, uplifting and positive community?
  • No Pay-to-Win Content?
  • Quests, Minigames, Achievements, etc.
With that being said, I can assure you that this server will be one of the most impeccable ones that will go down in RSPS history.
So come, join the discord and be a part of this insane community while the chance is still yours!
super excited to be a pirate on shanty. idk anyone else cuz im a loner, but maximax and arham are top of line quality. best of luck, gents.
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Looks unique, nice job! Will be cool to follow this.
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Working on the world for months now has become a labour of love. As someone who hasn't played a private server since OSRS released, I'm extremely excited to play this once it's out. I can attest that Arham, Maximax, and Sino have put a lot of thought into making a whole lot of unique content that feels like OSRS without compromising on what people enjoy about private servers.

Here's how the world looks... for now. There are a couple more planned islands, so stay tuned for more!
The many months I've spent working by Arham's side have been a great joy, I'm so happy this project has finally been shared with y'all :yay:
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Working on the world for months now has become a labour of love. As someone who hasn't played a private server since OSRS released, I'm extremely excited to play this once it's out. I can attest that Arham, Maximax, and Sino have put a lot of thought into making a whole lot of unique content that feels like OSRS without compromising on what people enjoy about private servers.

Here's how the world looks... for now. There are a couple more planned islands, so stay tuned for more!

For those interested in the full world map as of now:

As you've probably noticed the water in the map overview is black and this is because I haven't gotten to support textures yet for the water overlays. Also, some of our custom bridges in-between islands aren't drawn properly on the world map. A minor inconvenience, will be fixed in time :)
Nice, lets hope it makes it to hosting without scapefiles.jar present in the gamepack!!
Well done ,Finally a creative team here Best of luck on this amazing project will be following for sure
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Wow, I wasn't expecting this when I opened the thread. Finally something NEW. I hope it goes far, i'll be keeping an eye on this one.
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