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Aug 29, 2012
Aust1n's Services Shop || 30+ Vouches || Professional || Quick Service


Total Vouches: 37
Spoiler for Vouches:

vouch for him!Best dealer!
Bump and Vouched! Nice work!
Vouch for austin, made me a sick banner
Heey Aust1n, Vouch for you mate.
Did some trades in the past always went smooth.
Vouch, bought some graphics of him. Great guy!
Vouch for this guy :)
Made me an awesome banner :)
Tylers Pur3 said:
Vouch for Aust1n, did a banner for me
Vouch, very nice person! Quick & easy to talk to.
Vouch for my boy
Bought another GFX, very nice guy, professional and fast.
Bought a logo+banner off him, went pretty smoothly. Hoping to use my free edits whenever needed.
Vouch for Aust1n.
Very fast service, almost unbelievable! Fast Delivery, and amazing work! 10/10!
Legit As Fack :hurr:
Vouche for this person. I went first and he delivered very quickly. Great work! Keep it up :)
Bought client BG, vouch.
Won't dispute.
Vouch for Aust1n very respectable individual and know's what he's doing. As well as cheap and affordable.
Legit, bought one. He is a professional and I like my purchase very much
vouch for aust1n
Vouch for Aust1n, fast and affordable.
Humongeous vouch
Vouch for Aust1n.
Vouch. Made me an amazing animated banner. <3
Thanks alot , gave me a background for my rsps. friendly guy , recommended for everyone :D
Vouch for Aust1n. Amazing at what he does and is very friendly.
vouch for austin, great fast service
vouch for austin, thanks for logo <3
Vouch for Aust1n. Does good work.
+1 for austin, made me a banner :)
Vouch For Aust1n!!!! :) My Nigah!
Vouch For Aust1n, Sold Him Highscores, I Went First and Had No Problems.
roflak said:
Vouch for Aust1n, sold me a fixed cache for my server.
Vouch, Sold Me His RS Account, I went First and Had No Problem. Totally Legit Guy
roflak said:
Vouch for Aust1n. Sold me a cache fix. Good guy & responds fast. I went first.
Vouch for Austin, very trustworthy user, good luck with your services.
Vouch for Austin, very good coder, and gl with your current rsps project.

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Why are you selling premade styles?
Not selling premade styles, i made some of my own, those examples are quite old. I will be posting new ones soon.
I would not sell other peoples work, I will make my own things and sell them, not make money of others work.
Ill post new work tomorrow.
Bump! Thanks guys and enjoy your products :)
Released a new banner in the Resources section.

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