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    Hello, all!

    Below are the results of the 2021 Christmas Quiz, which if you have not checked out, the form is still open. We would like to thank everyone who participated and a special thanks to those who submitted corrections!

    WINNER: Graham, with 28 points


    28 @Graham
    25 @George
    23 @Nozemi
    21 @Women
    19 @Corey
    17 @Luke132
    14 @Silly Goose
    14 @sub
    13 @Kris
    12 @Hacker
    9 @Menth? (you know)
    8 @_jordan
    7 @Patrity
    3 @Format
    3 @Lynch
    2 @Mokhtar

    Additionally, in the spoiler below, you may find all of the correct answers.

    Spoiler for Answers:

    1. Name all former members of the Rune-Server Official Server development team

    This question in particular is not only difficult to answer, but realistically, we probably should have rephrased it as I am sure even we do not quite have each and every single iteration down. However, below is a rough timeline of some of the eras:

    1. Xerox, Jukk, Olli, Wolfpack, Bezza, Guthan, Thiefmn6092, Dodian, Gander, Zachera, Mastav, Dan, Kevy, InzInz (Yes, even Kevy!)
    2. Peterbjornx, Graham, Scu11, Sean, Thiefmn6092, Blakeman8192, Arian, Cascade
    3. Lenin, Leanbow, Sir Dave, kLeptO, Galkon, Jeff

    Getting a point required at least three names. An additional bonus point was given to Graham for having the largest number of correct names.

    2. List all domain names Rune-Server has had over its history


    3. Name a forum theme Rune-Server had other than the current themes

    1. Satellite
    2. Misty
    3. Dark Fantasy
    4. Vision Green

    4. Name a prominent feature that disappeared from the Rune-Server header after the vBulletin 4 migration

    The intended answer for this question was "Did you know?". But webmail/email, pastebin, and the various databases were also valid answers.

    5. Which two users infamously claimed to have successfully bruteforced the XTEA keys used to encrypt maps?

    The original intended answers were @Richard1992 and @Lmctruck30. However, as Graham pointed out, Light232 also made similar claims. All three users are valid answers, getting a point required two out of the three.

    6. Complete the following: "A whole class just to _____ a database? ____ ___ __ ____ ______ _____.____ hence ___."

    A: A whole class just to mange a database? this can be done though hence Md5.

    7. Name three discontinued forum ranks

    Any of the following three would have been valid answers:

    1. RSPS Cleaner
    2. ShoutBox Moderator
    3. Trial Moderator
    4. Executive Moderator
    5. Administrative Assistant
    6. Server Developer
    7. Global Moderators
    8. Sectional Moderator
    9. Supervisor
    10. Official MiddleMan

    8. List a multimedia feature that was infamously added to the Rune-Server official server

    • Video cutscenes
    • Voice acting

    9. Which former Rune-Server staff member went on to become a Jagex employee?

    A: @Shauny

    10. Which Rune-Server member kindly bought another Rune-Server member a new laptop to, finally, get him off Windows Vista?

    A: @Suic (for @Luke132)

    11. What was the username of the person who released the very first public RuneScape server emulator?

    A: winterLove

    12. What forum can all RuneScape private server communities be traced back to?

    A: Kaitnieks

    13. What were the names of the two famous "ip changer" webclients? (A RuneScape client that is compatible with many servers and accessible via the browser)

    • SilabSoft Client
    • MoparScape Client

    14. What VPN software would you often have to download in order to connect to RuneScape private servers?

    A: Hamachi

    15. "Silab items" refers to what?

    A: Higher revision RuneScape items, such as godswords, dragon fullhelm, etc.

    This was due to the fact that the MoparScape client was still shipped with a 3xx cache, whereas SilabSoft had packed items from the late 400s into hers. It was not uncommon to find help threads and requests for "silab items".

    16. Complete the following: "[email protected]"

    A: mopar

    17. "Uber" is another name for which iconic RuneScape private server?

    A: @Dodian

    18. Who invented the "Perfect Compiler"?

    A: [Mod] Taharok

    19. Which server infamously uploaded a video tour of their office?

    A: SoulSplit

    20. A server release involved a very popular streamer being banned from his own server, whilst streaming it. What was the name of that server?

    A: SohanScape

    21. A well known hosting company that is commonly used within the RSPS community, had a datacenter fire in 2021. This caused massive infrastructure issues across a number of industries and the ripples were even felt in the RSPS community. What was the name of the hosting company?

    A: OVH

    22. The logo of which server was the recipient of seminal fluid in a fabled, scandalous video?

    A: StrongHold

    Yes, a Rune-Server member gave Scu11's server a cumtribute live on video.

    23. What fruit was involved in the 2006scape hack?

    A: Orange

    When 2006Scape was hacked by toil, a gif of a man having sex with an orange was plastered all over the website.

    24. Name a dragon item that was commonplace in RSPS before it was implemented into Runescape

    • Dragon platebody
    • Dragon kiteshield
    • (non exhaustive list)

    25. Name the popular batch file(.bat) many server owners used to rely on in order to give the server a presence of being relatively stable

    A: autorestarter.bat

    26. What was the name of the Java class that prominently featured in many servers and aimed to handle lag reduction?


    27. A server release resulted in the misconception that a hacker was in a certain part of each user's files. This coined the popular term, "hacker in the ___"?

    A: Hacker in the cache

    28. A Rune-Server member, named after a mythical sea creature, managed to ban evade in the Discord for a number of months - even continuing the charade for weeks after their ban, before finally admitting their evasion. Who was it? You must supply both the original username of the evader(the mythical sea creature one) and the main username used to evade.

    A: @Kraken, @Italia

    29. "Barry Zeroth" is an anagram for which unwavering ban-evader and notorious terrorizer of the free-help channel?

    A: Brother Razy

    30. Which user has had the largest number of infractions? (Infractions, not infraction points!)

    A: @George

    31. Which staff member has given out the most infractions?

    A: @Scu11

    32. Which user has received the most PMs?

    A: @Kevy

    Other honorable mentions:

    • @Numbers - most received by non-staff
    • @Infexis; - most received by a member who has never been staff

    32. Which user has sent the most PMs?

    A: @Omar

    Most sent by non-bot, non-staff: Nova Genesis

    33. Which active user has been here the longest? Active means logging in in the past 30 days.

    A: @Kevy

    Other honorable mentions:

    • @Ramenryoko; - longest active non-staff user
    • @Tom; - longest active user who has never been staff

    34. Which user has the most VM's

    A: @Numbers

    Most VMs received by non-staff: @Leanbow
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    Thanks to everyone who participated, congratulations to the winners! We hope everyone enjoyed this fun game.
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    lol np mate looks like the community brought ur rep down to ur IQ
    Not too sure about that, it's at 0 . It would have to go minus to even be remotely close to his IQ.

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    graham what a show off

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    Member Christmas Quiz 2021 - Results and Answers Market Banned

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    17 ur joking

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    Very nice
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    Spoiler for Spoilers!:
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    I'll take my 5th place medal ty very much mods

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    Nice good job and congrats

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    congrats to winners yay
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    Yoo top 15 let's goo.

    Great quiz, thanks for the effort.

    I had no idea about the Stronghold cum tribute tho

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