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    Tarnish was a 317 that was based on OS-Royale. After countless sleepless nights and tons of hours of work, I've decided to release this for others to use and hopefully make good use of it. Although it's not the most updated in terms of content, it's running on 214 data, with all of the items, maps, objects, etc. Although it's lacking in infrastructure, it contains the animation system from OSRS allowing easier content creation. While I am releasing the Source/Client for use as you wish, I do not give permission to the use the Tarnish branding as it will be used in the future

    Spoiler for Media:
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    Spoiler for Update Logs (Partial):

    -Shop improvements.
    -Teleport interface improved, as well as now displaying drops applicable to that teleport.
    -Obsidian maul animation corrected.
    -Crawling hand NPC can no longer be obtained as an NPC drop (as it's an NPC itself!).
    -Home area modified.
    -Prayer will now drain as time passes, depending on your Prayer bonus.
    -New client background and added functionality.
    -Server-side work to remove redundant code.
    -An issue with some non responsive buttons has been rectified.
    -You can no longer manually set your combat level.
    -Cerberus' minions implemented.
    -TzTok Jad's attack animations are now in sync with when you receive damage.
    -Upon login your attack style will now be the same as it was when you logged out.
    -Multiple NPC's drop table issues with non existent items being dropped has been rectified. (Multiple dragon types, Revenants, Ankous and Greater Demons)
    -Untradeable items will now cost 350 Blood Money to retrieve, lowered from 500.
    -Allotment, herb and flower patches will no longer be affected by disease.
    -Drop Display, Activity Logger, Title Manager and the Slayer Interface are now accessible via the Quest tab.
    -High Alchemy spell implemented.
    -Improvements to how the Toxic Blowpipe works.
    -When wearing Ava's Accumulator, darts will now be removed randomly from the Toxic Blowpipe accordingly.
    -New entrance to the Revenants cave from the North.
    -Zulrah's loot table has been improved.
    -Prestiging now requires 200M XP as opposed to a level 99.
    -All shops now require the player to have GP to purchase items.
    -Revenant and Banshees now perform the correct animations in combat.
    -A portal has been added to the Revenant cave that will teleport you to Home.
    -You can now smith Iron arrowheads.
    -Steel bars can now be smelted at a furnace.
    -Multiple website updates such as Auto-vote, Donate and Hiscores.
    -The default CC has been set to "Help" for new players and players without a CC.
    -All players will now be notified of players who log in via a message in public chat.
    -Brimhaven stairs and vines now functional.
    -The majority of low-level Slayer NPC's now animate correctly in combat.
    -Multiple improvements to NPC drop system.
    This uses a base drop rate as below (may differ for bosses) :-
    --Always 1/1
    --Common 1/10
    --Uncommon 1/50
    --Rare 1/250
    --Very rare 1/500
    -Starter bank modified.
    -You are now able to attack the Monk of Zamorak.
    -Due to low player count, Blood Money has been disabled, it will be reinstated in due course when we see fit.
    -Rock/Sand Crab animation issues rectified.
    -The Achievement diary panel in the Quest tab now displays the amount of players on Tarnish.
    -"Make X" can now be used to fletch.
    -Skilling zone entry requirement lowered to 800 Total level from 1,250.
    -Kraken instance spawn issues resolved.
    -A number of NPC's were dropping duplicate items, this has now been rectified.
    -";;Drops" can now be used to display an interface to see all possible drops from a certain NPC.
    -Ironmen will now recieve GP as opposed to Blood Money as Trivia rewards.
    -The General Store is now accessible to Ironman accounts.
    -Max-total capes can now be combined with Ava's Accumulator, Ava's Assembler, the Fire Cape, and Mage Arena capes.
    -Max capes created with Mage Arena capes will automatically create their Imbued variant (E.g Saradomin Cape will become an Imbued Saradomin Max Cape)
    -A Max cape when combined with Ava's Accumulator or Ava's Attractor, will retrieve the players ammo as Ava's items would when worn before being combined with the Max cape.
    -Magic Seceteurs will increase your herb yield when equipped during harvest.
    -Magic Seceteurs can now be obtained from the Skilling shop for 50 Skilling Points.
    -The Tool Leprechaun will now note Grimy, as well as clean herbs close to Farming allotments.
    -Catacombs of Kourend is now accessible from the Teleport interface.
    -Trivia will now longer show the answer after a period of time and will instead display a new question in due course.
    -99 Level skillcapes now have their correct bonuses.
    -When engaging in combat, you will now move to the correct distance for your weapon before attacking.
    -Following whilst in combat has been tweaked, please let us know of any issues!.
    -When attacking an opponent from distance, if your opponent moves out of range you will no longer be considered in combat.
    -Interacting with NPCs will now only happen when you are within 2 tiles of the NPC.
    -Interacting with world objects will now only happen when you are within 1 tile of the object.
    -Following has had a few more tweaks. Again, any issues please let us know.
    -NPC/Player following "dance" issues rectified.
    -Holding "ctrl" key is no longer required to change your zoom distance.
    -World synchronization no longer required for tasks.
    -NPC's and Players are now updated in a more efficient way.
    -In and outbound packet thresholds modified for high-intensity situations.
    -Movement will now update a lot more as it does on OSRS.
    -A memory leak issue with unread data stangnating has been rectified.
    -Multiple networking changes resulting in faster response time for players.
    -An issue with animations and graphics freezing upon death has been rectified.
    -Amy near the Ourania Altar will now let you access your bank for a fee of 10K GP.
    -The Elder Chaos Druid close to the Wilderness Altar will now un-note your bones for a fee of 1k GP per bone.
    -A number of items have been added to Tarnish, however are a work in progress. Please do not report issues as we are aware. (*The full list can be found below).
    -The Achievements tab in the Quest tab will now display your Achievements progress.
    -Slayer task, remaining Slayer kills and Slayer points is now displayed in the Quest tab.
    -Vesta's longsword was added with it's special attack.
    -Cosmic rift in the abyss will teleport you to the actual altar.
    -Zulrah now has a common drop of 1-6 anti-venom potions.
    -Zulrah/Vorkath/Kraken will drop the loot under you since they used to drop in an unreachable spot.
    -All of Skotizo's world messages will display accurate locations.
    -Skotizo will no longer be able to send you in a spot where you get stuck.
    -Voting will now add onto your achievements.
    -Fixed the voting achievements. Instead of the 3,000 votes that was previously there, it will now be 500 votes to complete the achievement.
    -Achievements rewards were a slightly buffed.
    -Temporarily fixed GWD bosses, now it'll just spawn you inside the room while I figure out what happened with the doors.
    -Skillcapes obtained once you have reached Level 99 now have perks when worn.
    --Attack - Free access to the Cyclops area within the Warriors' Guild.
    --Defence - Acts as a ring of Life.
    --Ranged - Retrieves ammo as wearing Ava's accumulator would.
    --Prayer - Double Prayer XP when worn.
    --Magic - Allows you to cast Spellbook swap spell 5 times per day.
    --HP - Will restore your hitpoints at 2x the default rate.
    --Agility - Your run energy will restore faster.
    --Herblore - Has the chance to create a potion without using the ingredients.
    --Thieving - Enables you to be more successful when stealing from stalls.
    --Crafting - Has the chance to craft an item without consuming the required items.
    --Fletching - Has the chance to fletch an item without consuming the required items.
    --Slayer - You will gain double Slayer points.
    --Mining - Has the chance to reward the player with double ores.
    --Smithing - Increases the speed which you smelt bars at a furnace, and smith weapons and armour at an anvil.
    --Cooking - You will no longer burn any food.
    --Firemaking - Has the chance to create a fire without consuming the log.
    --Woodcutting - Has the chance to reward the player with double logs.
    --Farming - 5% increased yield from herb patches.
    -Skipping a Slayer task whilst wearing the Slayer skillcape, but having 0 skips available, is no longer possible.
    -The Revenant cave obstacles north of the Black chinchompas can now be used.
    -Donators are now able to use the "yell" command.
    -When teleporting to the Godwars Dungeon, you will now be offered a secondary teleport to the specific boss you wish to fight.
    -Warriors' Guild NPCs now animate as intended.
    -The gates at the Lava maze in the Wilderness have been removed.
    -The ladder from the Lava maze into the Lava maze dungeon can now be used up or down.
    -You are now able to filter messages by typing "::filter" in public chat and pressing enter. This will remove a lot of the tedious, repetative skill messages.
    -An issue that caused some players to need to log in and out when slashing Wilderness webs has been rectified.
    -The donator King store at Home is now accessible.
    -The special attack bar will now display correctly for all items.
    -A serverwide announcement will be sent when you prestige.
    -Upon gaining Level 99 in a skill, you will be shown your total prestige in that skill.
    -Donator zone modifications.
    -Woodcutting and Mining in the Donator Zone will no longer cause the tree or rock to deplete.
    -Donator deposit boxes added in numerous locations.
    -The Looting bag is now obtainable from Revenants.
    -Noted items can now be un-noted free of charge in the Donator Zone.
    -Some previously inaccessible tiles in the Donator Zone can now be accessed.
    -Revenant cave obstacle modifications.
    -A few Trivia questions have been modified to be easier to understand.
    -Clan messages have been rewritten to correct grammattical errors.
    -The "Add all" button in the Trade window can now be used.
    -A right click option has been added to NPCs which will allow you to see all possible drops from that NPC.
    -When Smithing on an anvil, the correct smithable items will now display depending on the type of bars you have in your inventory.
    -Slayer task text formatting.
    -You can now teleport to a Slayer boss by right clicking the Enchanted Gem.
    --This feature can only be used between 2 and 10 times a day. Regular players can use it twice. Elite donators can use it 10 times. With the amount increasing by 2 for each donator rank. King donators have no limit.
    -Looting bag can now be used. If looting whilst the bag is open, your loot will automatically go into the Looting bag.
    -An issue with depositing bolts into the Looting bag has been rectified.
    -The Barbarian course rope swing can now be swung across.
    -Construction and Hunter XP can now be gained via the Experience lamp.
    -Osmumten's fang now animates correctly.
    -Osmumten's fang's special attack should now work as intended.
    -An issue when teleporting to an instance boss using the Enchanted Gem has been rectified.
    -Added more skilling outfits to the skilling store.
    -Skilling outfit prices have been reduced from 75 a piece to 50.
    -Skilling points will randomize per 1:100 instead of the original 1:200.
    -Added the following skilling outfits with their respectable bonuses.

    Angler Set (Fishing) - 2.5
    -Angler hat - 0.4
    -Angler top - 0.8
    -Angler legs - 0.8
    -Angler boots - 0.2

    Lumberjack Set (Woodcutting) - 2.5
    -Lumberjack hat - 0.4
    -Lumberjack top - 0.8
    -Lumberjack legs - 0.8
    -Lumberjack boots - 0.2

    Farmer Set (Farming) - 2.5
    -Farmer hat - 0.4
    -Farmer top - 0.8
    -Farmer legs - 0.8
    -Farmer boots - 0.2

    Prospector Set (Mining) - 2.5
    -Prospector hat - 0.4
    -Prospector body - 0.8
    -Prospector legs - 0.8
    -Prospector boots - 0.2

    Pyromancer Set (Firemaking) - 2.5
    -Pyromancer hat - 0.4
    -Pyromancer top - 0.8
    -Pyromancer legs - 0.8
    -Pyromancer boots - 0.2

    Zealot Set (Prayer) - 2.5
    -Zealot hat - 0.4
    -Zealot top - 0.8
    -Zealot legs - 0.8
    -Zealot boots - 0.2

    -Bird eggs can now be obtained from Woodcutting and are then able to be sacrificed.
    --The Shrine to sacrifice bird eggs can be found by opening the teleport interface and navigating to Skilling->Woodcutting->Camelot. You will gain 3,000 XP per egg sacrificed.
    --There is a chance of obtaining a piece of the Evil chicken outfit by sacrificing bird eggs. The outfit is purely cosmetic and there are 4 pieces in total.
    -Fletching arrow shafts is now possible. You can gain between 15 arrow shafts and 5xp from normal logs, up to 90 arrow shafts and 30xp from Magic logs.
    -The Abyss can now be used to access all RuneCrafting altars.
    -The level required to craft runes using the Ourania altar has been lowered from 99 to 55.
    -The amount of Sand crabs has been increased.
    The Rune scimitar and multiple Magic staffs are now obtainable for Ironmen at the Ironman store.
    -Multiple thieving stalls have been added in the home area.
    -Doing "::networth" will now show your networth to players around you.
    -Nurse Sarah will now heal/restore you and she can be found at home.
    -Egg sacrifices can now be found in your activity logger.

    -Shooting star has been added in-game.
    --Finding the star first will grant you 10,000 mining experience.
    --The shooting star will spawn in a random size once every 2 hours with 8 randomized locations.
    --The server will announce when a star has crashed and it will also notify you in the discord channel.
    --Prospecting the star will show you what size it is and how much of it has been mined.
    --The level requirements are the following for mining the star :
    ---Size 1 - level 10 mining
    ---Size 2 - level 20 mining
    ---Size 3 - level 30 mining
    ---So on and so forth...

    -Instead of mining and woodcutting depleting after a set amount of logs/ores being harvested, they are now randomized.
    -Passwords now use a form of encryption to avoid your passwords being hacked.
    -NPC's that used to look out of place have been fixed for the majority of it. (If you see anything that looks off feel free to drop it in bug-reports)
    -When creating a new account, you will spawn in with full run energy and special attack bar.
    -Mind talisman will no longer have a warning when dropping it.

    -Gem Bag has been added in-game.
    --The gem bag can hold x60 of each uncut gem. (300 total)
    --When the gem bag is open, any gems that you pick up off the ground or obtain by mining will be added in the gem bag.
    --Using the "Check" function on the gem bag will show you how many of each uncut gem you have stored in the bag.

    -Coal bag has been added in-game
    --The coal bag can hold up to 27 pieces of coal.
    --When the coal bag is open, any coal that you mine will be added directly in the gem bag.
    --Using the "Check" function on the coal bag will show you how many pieces of coal you have stored in it.

    -Dagannoths have their correct bonuses and are now attackable.

    LMS (Last Man Standing)
    -Slightly modified OSRS version.
    -At this point in time we only have the casual mode option.
    -Working fog and crates.
    -Game modes. (Max/Med, Zerker, 1 Def Pure)
    -Load outs set for each game mode.
    -Minimum of 2 players, maximum of 10 players
    -Same drop/loot tables as OSRS.
    -Points will be used at a shop to purchase items.

    -Slightly modified OSRS version.
    -You do not need a fire cape to enter
    -All 69 waves.
    -Once the final wave is defeated you are awarded an infernal cape.

    Item Switching (
    -When you switch weapons/armor the currently equipped armor will switch places with the armor being equipped (i.e swapping an abyssal whip for a dragon dagger (p++))

    Trading Post (
    -This allows players in our community to buy/sell items virtually hands free!
    -History option allows you to see what items previously sold for.

    You can find the rest of the update logs in #updates in the Tarnish discord server Discord Link

    Spoiler for Downloads:

    Credits :
    - Settings
    - Jack
    - Zion
    - Nighel
    - Jire
    - Muntuna
    - All of those who assisted in the development process of Tarnish
    - Original OS-Royale Developers

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    Nice release, I am sure someone will find use for this.
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    Sick release I’ll check it out
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    Nice release looks good ill try it out later thanks
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    thanks for the release. Always like adding to my collection!
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    I'm sure someone will find this useful.
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    havnt seen a good releasse like this in a long time. Thanks @Settings
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    Thanks for releasing this settings. Good luck!
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    Very cool
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    Links do not work.
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