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    Goodbye and Goodnight!

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    Quote Originally Posted by XanFire View Post
    Link is dead. Any chance we can get another link?
    Looks like the optional web links are down too.
    Here's an untouched re-upload of 4.1

    Here's an untouched re-upload of the Drop Editor (From a few months ago, not sure if it's been improved upon since then)

    Here's an untouched re-upload of the site/web

    Will remove all links if Mige requests it
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    I have version 3.3 which includes the ability to turn on 2007 models. The menu graphics are also 2007 by default and has the run option by the mini map. I also have version 4.1 too and have it on cache 376. I am not an expert on this by any means, so apologies in advance if this is obvious, but, is it possible to have the 2007 models and menu graphics on version 4.1 with cache 376? I basically just wanted the updated version of 2006 single player, but with everything that I mentioned visually from the 3.3 version.
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