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Relic is an RSPS based on the Oldschool Runescapes Leagues, specifically the Trailblazer League
During your adventure on Relic you will unlock Relics.
Relics are powerful buffs that are unlocked with League Points. Upon completing the tutorial, players are presented with three Relics to choose from without the need for points. There are six tiers of relics in total, as well as an additional passive buff automatically unlocked at each tier. Each tier corresponds to a different aspect of the game: skilling, teleportation, combat, and utility.

Once players choose a Relic of a tier, they will be permanently unlocked, but cannot change their Relic selection for that tier.

Below are a few examples of the tier one relics.

Tasks in the Trailblazer League allow players to earn league points and unlock relics that buff their character. Tasks will span five different difficulty levels: Easy, Medium, Hard, Elite, and Master. In the league, there will be hundreds of tasks to complete, ranging from reaching a certain level in a skill to killing certain bosses. There are over 1000 tasks in the works for Trailblazer League;

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