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    R-S Mod Response  

    Spoiler for Update Log #1:

    - Updated Shooting Star D&D
    - Updated Trivia Bot Messages
    - Updated Sprites to the 667 look-and-feel
    - Removed unused content
    - Cleaned up server tip messages
    - Cleaned up global announcements
    - Fixed player icons & crowns overlapping inside the chatbox
    - Chatbox buttons no longer has a black bar behind it
    - Added back our Teleport System & Interface
    - Fixed all of the orbs sprites (hitpoints, prayer, run, summoning)
    - Converted 718 interfaces to a more 667-style appereance
    - Players are now forced into the help chat fc on login
    - Your total amount of actions will now be tracked when training a specific skill;
    Supported skills & actions listed below:
    Woodcutting; (Logs, Ivy's)
    Cooking; (Cooked & Burned)
    Crafting; (Leather, Gems & Jewellery)
    Fishing; (All Fish)
    Firemaking; (Bonfires, Inferno Adze & Tinderbox)
    Mining; (All Ores, Pure/Rune Essence & Stardust)
    Thieving; (Pickpocketing & Stalls)
    Smithing; (Smelting & Forging)
    Prayer; (Bonecrusher, Bones on Altar & Burying)
    Herblore; (Potion Making, Herb cleaning)
    Fletching; (Logs & Tipping)
    Runecrafting; (Crafting runes)
    - Server uptime will now properly track.
    - Right clicking ''Quick-Home'' on the teleport button will now send you to home.
    - Updated the information tab
    - Updated the login box interface
    - On login you can now select the following game modes:
    *Easy - 200x combat xp, 100x skilling xp
    *Normal - 2 spins, 75x combat xp, 50x skilling xp + 2% droprate boost
    *Elite - 4 spins, 3x combat xp, 5x skilling xp + 10% drop rate boost & a 5% chance to double drops
    *Ironman - 25x combat xp, 15x skilling xp + 5% drop rate boost
    *Hardcore ironman - 25x combat xp, 15x skilling xp + 10% drop rate boost
    *Ultimate ironman - 25x combat xp, 15x skilling xp
    Made some small edits to the game mode selection interface
    - Teleporter now opens up our new teleport interface
    - Moved around some objects and npcs at home
    - Added a bunch of new teleports to the teleporter
    - Ho Ho Ho. Enabled snow for the christmas vibes
    - Automatically enabled ground item text on login
    - Automatically enabled NPC Name hovers on login
    - Automatically enabled Player name hovers on login
    - Updated collection log interface

    Spoiler for Update Log #2:

    - Some CS2 Scripts have been edited so it loads 2010/11 sprites.
    - Finished 2010/11 orbs
    - Corrected the amount of xp per catch while fishing for all types of fish.
    - You can now obtain random pieces of the fishing outfit while training fishing.
    - Fishing spots will now give you the correct fish.
    - Attacking corporeal beast with other weapons than a spear will have a reduced damage output.
    - All crossbows now properly work with the type of bolt ammo needed.
    - Gamemodes are now displayed on first time logging in
    - Gamemodes are now displayed on milestones
    - Added fake xp drops (up to 1b total xp)
    - Fixed thieving stalls.
    - Corrected some collection log data for KBD,TORMENTED DEMONS,ARMDYL KREE
    - Added duel arena command
    - Fixed taverly dungeon teleport
    - Corrected model id for fishing animation items
    - Corrected rune/adamant dragon defence/death emote
    - Corrected cursed callisto size
    - Added home teleport button to resizable and fixed interfaces
    - Reworked clue scroll reward interface a little
    - Made clue scroll caskets stackable
    - Key chests and clue caskets now send items to bank when you have a full inventory
    - Corrected loot pool for all thieving stalls.
    - You are now able to obtain pieces of the Black Ibis Outfit while thieving from stalls.
    - You are now able to obtain pieces of the Golden Mining Outfit while training Mining.
    - Varrock armour 1, 2, 3 & 4 now has a chance to mine an additional ore.
    - You are now able to find gems inside rocks while mining.
    - You are now able to attach orbs to battlestaves.
    - You are now able to craft the following Leather Types (Normal leather, Snakeskin, Green/Blue/Red/Black & Royal D'hide).
    - You are now able to craft a royal d'hide coif.
    - You will now get a in-game message how many hides you need to have in order to craft the item
    - You are now able to craft hardleather gloves, shield & body
    - You are now able to use Shortcuts, Doors & Ladders inside Taverly dungeon.
    - Removed skill points messages, it will now be in your info tab instead.
    - You can now open your player settings inside the info tab.
    - Added event boss location to the info tab.
    - ''Check Slayer Task'' Option now works inside your info tab.
    - You can now switch to virtual levels inside your info tab.
    - You can now check your daily task inside your info tab.
    - Info tab will now be displayed on fixed mode.
    - Edgeville teleport no longer teleports you inside the bank.
    - Added a dialogue to the dungeoneering tutor at deamonheim.
    - Closing the dungeoneering party interface will now set it back to the info tab.
    - Dismissing your pet/familiar will now return to the squeal of fortune tab.
    - You can now teleport to Misthalin Underground (Edgeville Dungeon) 'under category dungeons'
    - Formatting gamemode output inside your info tab has been updated (Ex: EASY is now Easy).
    - Changed the way dismissing works for pets it now picks up the pet instead of dismissing it
    - A new bot has been added and will show how many players are online in the discord;
    - Added discord rich presence to the client;
    - Slayer portal to teleport to your task has been added to home.
    - Ember chest no longer has a animation attached to it.
    - Drastically decreased gamemode xp multiplier across all gamemodes.
    - Relocated objects & npcs at home.
    - Added full support for battlestaff & staff for having infinite runes depending on your weapon of choice.
    - Added support for celestial catalytic staff, doomcore staff & tome of frost (shield) having infinite runes.
    - Added support for Mist, Dust, Mud, Smoke, Steam & Lava runes.
    - The following spells have been fixed & corrected:
    * Snare
    * Bind
    * Entangle
    * All blitz, burst & barrage spells > All spells also now has its correct delay timers.
    * All blitz, burst & barrage spells will now display its correct gfx & animations.
    * All above spells now has their correct damage output.
    - You will now get coins for answering trivia questions (1st person = 10k-500k, 2nd & 3rd = 10k-200k).
    - Wearing full akrisae will now have its set effect (restores prayer based on damage output)
    - Wearing full guthans will now have its proper set effect (25% chance to heal based on damage output)
    - You can no longer setup your dwarf cannon inside the godwars dungeon.
    - You can no longer setup your dwarf cannon inside the corporeal beast cave.
    - You are now able to eat Spinach Rolls, Edible Seaweed, Papaya Fruits & Kebab.
    - Reverted abyss map to 718
    - Wilderness slayer tasks no longer count outside the wilderness
    - Ents animations corrected and now transform into the proper npc on death
    - Corrected damage cap on nex now is 500 instead of 50
    - Combat dummys no longer give xp
    - You can now bury lava dragon bones (Also works on altar).
    - You will no longer receive any other charms besides the Blue, Gold, Crimson & Gold charms.
    - A new system has been added that handles charm rates + amount of charms being dropped.
    - Chopped total amount of logs is now tracking properly.
    - Thieving stalls at home no longer requires level 5 thieving.
    - Thieving stalls at home now has a new loot pool.
    - Increased the chances of getting a piece for the thieving skilling outfit.
    - Saradomin Brew's healing effect is now working properly.
    - There now will be a chance that you fail to thieve stalls and taking damage.

    Spoiler for Update Log #3:

    - Slayer XP will now be based off the npc's total hitpoints * 2.5%.
    - Collection log should now add the correct items to the correct log.
    - Cave horror kc will now count properly.
    - Added loads of new teleports from the old system to the new system.
    - Chaeldar no longer assigns crawling hands.
    - Reduced the amount of coins you get after a slayer kill.
    - Updated all logo's to the new logo.
    - You can now accept dungeoneering party invites
    - Leech prayers will decrease every minute when using them.
    - Prayer draining should now feel more accurate.
    - Player titles are now working properly again;
    - Everyone can now set their titles using ;;title (1-58)
    - Gargoyles will now only die when using a rock hammer on it
    - You can now only kill turoths & kurasks with a magic dart, leaf-bladed weaponry or broad ammo.
    - Thrower trolls now always will be aggressive towards you.
    - Abyssal sire's loot will now drop under your player character.
    - Charms being dropped by Zulrah & Abyssal Sire will now appear under your player character.
    - Kraken will now drop charms under your player character.
    - Fire capes will now drop on the ground if you do not have enough inventory spaces left.
    - General graardor will now move & attack you properly inside his boss room.
    - K'ril Tsutsaroth will now move & attack you properly inside his boss room.
    - You can now right click every godwars altar to teleport safely home.
    - You can now attach a rope to the entrance at the kalphite hive.
    - Interacting with the fairy tree at home now gives you a fairy dossier to see the available fairy ring codes.
    - Fairy ring now has an animation & gfx when teleporting.
    - Npcs at home no longer changes names when clicked on.
    - Renamed all pvm tokens to ''ikadia'' tokens.
    - Re-phrased alot of global server messages.
    - Teleport to fight caves has been fixed to the correct coordinates.
    - Added a bunch of shortcuts for the grotworm lair aswell as a teleport.
    - Fixed a trade issue where you could not trade any item in some situations.
    - Wildywyrm teleport has been corrected.
    - King black dragon lair region is now considered as wilderness.
    - Scorpia's cave is now considered as wilderness.
    - Added a whole bunch of chaos tunnel shortcuts.
    - Coin rewards from all chests across Ikadia no longer goes into your money pouch. It will be placed into your inventory or bank instead.
    - Added over 190+ automated ground item spawns.
    - Grand Exchange will now check if a certain item is limited or unlimited.
    - Added over 2k+ unlimited items to the grand exchange.
    - You can now auto-sell certain items for -5% off from the original price.
    - Added in-game messages for items being sold/bought.
    - Updated the game messages if your offer has been changed;
    - Added 2 new bank booths to the home area.
    - Examining items will now show you the grand exchange guide price
    - Examining npcs will now show its droptable, with a new interface;
    - Inferno Minigame has been completely finished
    - All Normal & Imbued rings now has its correct bonuses.
    - All rings of suffering now has their correct bonuses.
    - All necklaces & amulets now has their correct bonuses.
    - Avernic Defender now has its correct bonuses.
    - Fixed barbarian outpost xp rates through the whole agility course.
    - You will now get a XP pop-up after you entered the gnome pipe.
    - You will no longer get a graphical bug after climbing up the wall at the wilderness agility course.
    - You can now step in the sparkling water pool inside the mage bank.
    - You can now use bones on the chaos altar inside the wilderness.
    - You can now use the ''Pray-at'' option at the chaos altar inside the wilderness.
    - Added EvilTree; Nurturing, Roots, Kindlings, 7 Evil Tree Types (Normal, Oak, Willow, Maple, Yew, Magic & Elder) & Random Locations - Rewards: Coins, Seeds & Logs.
    - Added support for redwood tree's at Zeah's Woodcutting Guild.
    - Added banker outside Catacombs of Kourend
    - You can now right click collect on the grand exchange booth
    - You can now teleport to the woodcutting guild.
    - You can now climb-up the redwood tree at woodcutting guild.
    - Added a banker at redwood tree's.
    - Redwood logs now work with bonfires.
    - You can now burn redwood logs. (highest xp).
    - There is now a combat dummy at home to show your max hit.
    - Charm magnet will now automatically pick your charms from the ground.
    - Added more abyssal demon spawns at slayer tower level 3.
    - Added dark beasts to the empty room at slayer tower level 3.
    - You can no longer climb-up a ladder at taverly dungeon (it led to nothing).
    - Fixed trivia answering + added 2 new category's & 105+ new questions.
    - Added void knight to the pest control area to exchange commendations.
    - You will now get prompted a dialogue to type empty before it wipes your inventory instead of wiping it instantly.
    - Updated Yell Layout & Colors.
    - Fixed the counter for total amount of items fletched
    - Fletching redwood logs now gives 115 arrow shafts.
    - Increased heapsize on the server's memory, this should result in less dcs if any.
    - You can now receive god capes when praying to the god statues inside the mage bank.
    - Increased the sinkholes respawn timer.
    - Doubled trivia points ticket is now working again.
    - Trivia's daily task is now working again.
    - Replaced the venomite icon for the ikadia icon (the one used for the point store).
    - Renamed Venomite Mystery box to Ikadia Mystery box.
    - Replaced the ember chest with the original model & renamed back to toxic chest.
    - Added a fishing shop next to the fishing spots at home.
    - You can now switch your prayers by right clicking the prayer altar at home.
    - Renamed venomite point store to ''ikadia point store''.
    - Checking prices inside the ikadia point store will now show the correct amount.
    - Nerfed the Ancient effigies exp rates by 5%.
    - Starved ancient effigies will now randomly being dropped by monsters.
    - fixed the Hazelmere's signet ring drop chances.
    - Changed the rate values for prayer draining.
    - Added stats to NPCs around zeah

    Global Teleports:
    - Fixed Rogue's den teleport
    - Added venenatis to the global teleports.
    - Added scorpia to the global teleports.
    - Added chaos fanatic to the global teleports.
    - Added Queen Black Dragon to the global teleports.
    - Added Vet'ion to the global teleports
    - Added crazy archaeologist to the global teleports.
    - Added callisto to the global teleports.
    - Added teleport to Great Kourend
    - Added teleport to Chambers Of Xeric

    Collection log data:
    - Added Abyssal Sire data to the collection log.
    - Added Alchemic Hydra data to the collection log.
    - Added Amethyst Dragon data to the collection log.
    - Added Cerberus data to the collection log.
    - Updated Commander Zilyana data in the collection log.
    - Added Cursed Callisto data to the collection log.
    - Added Cursed Venenatis data to the collection log.
    - Added Cursed Vet'ion data to the collection log.
    - Updated Dagganoth Kings data in the collection log.
    - Updated General Graardor data in the collection log.
    - Updated K'ril Tsutsaroth data in the collection log.
    - Added Vorkath data to the collection log.
    - Added Zulrah data to the collection log.
    - Added Demonic Gorilla's data to the collection log.
    - Added Enraged olm data to the collection log.
    - Added Queen Black Dragon data to the collection log.
    - Added Kraken data to the collection log.
    - The collection log for Easy, Medium, Hard & Elite treasure trails are now working!
    - The collection log for barrows is now working correctly.
    - The collection log for warriors guild is now working correctly.

    Spoiler for Update Log #4:

    Update Log #4 brings us many bug fixes as we are approaching our launch on February 1st.
    This includes a variety of fixes from the collection log, to osrs items, to teleportation and donation benefits.

    Item fixes:
    - Bonecrusher is now working properly & will show a message when in action.
    - Herbicide is now working properly & will show a message when in action.
    - You can now recharge your drakan medallion at burgh de rott.
    - You can now use ring of duelling to teleport to the myth's guild. (removed Mobilising armies).
    - Corporeal beast teleport on the games necklace has been corrected.
    - Added support for infernal tools.
    - You can now combine a smouldering stone with a dragon pickaxe to create a infernal pickaxe (Requires: 85 smithing).
    - Infernal Axe now acts the same as an inferno adze.
    - You can now combine a smouldering stone with a dragon hatchet to create a infernal axe (Requires: 85 firemaking & 61 woodcutting).
    - Fusing items with the smouldering stone now has the correct graphics animation.
    - You can now use your toolbelts bronze pickaxe at level 1 mining.

    Teleports & Instances
    - Added instances to the teleports data, under Bosses>Special>Instances
    - Added Kraken Instance to the global teleports.
    - Added The hive minigame to the global teleports.
    - Cerberus teleport is now instanced.
    - Added alchemical hydra to the global teleports.
    - Added the inferno minigame to the global teleports.
    - You can now open the teleportation interface after closing the bank interface. Previously wouldn't let you as 'another interface is open'.
    - Kraken Instance teleport has been corrected.
    - Lodestone interface will now correctly open inside the teleport interface.
    - Polypore dungeon teleport has been corrected.
    - Thieving teleport (bandits) has been removed from the teleport interface.

    Collection Log
    - Alchemical Hydra's Collection log has been placed in the boss section instead of slayer.
    - Dark Demon data has been added to the collection log.
    - Pest control data has been added to the collection log.
    - Brimstone chest data has been added to the collection log.
    - Crystal chest data has been added to the collection log.
    - King lava dragon data has been added to the collection log.
    - Larran chest data has been added to the collection log.
    - Legendary Eggs data has been added to the collection log.
    - Lord of lightning data has been added to the collection log.
    - Mystery box data has been added to the collection log.
    - Corrected data for chaos elemental & bork's collection log.
    - Barrows collection log has been corrected.
    - Corrected abyssal demon collection log.

    General Fixes
    - You can now open the doors at barbarian outpost.
    - You can now access the lodestone network through the global teleports interface.
    - You can now setup a clan chat;
    - You can now switch between virtual levelling in the player settings menu.
    - Added a title manager to the info tab.
    - You will no longer get instantly damaged by the deserts heat.
    - All tree's around ikadia now counts your total chopped logs.
    - Droptable now shows the max possible amount it can drop instead of showing a single item.
    - Added a right click to the npc death allowing you to get a quick boss task.
    - Logs & uncut gems now has the correct 718+ options such as Craft & Light
    - Updated Skills tab
    - When any sort of double xp activated, you will now get a xp pop-up
    - You can now use the ''craft'' option on logs.
    - You can now use the ''craft'' option on uncut gems & cut gems to make bolt tips.
    - Reverted skilling icons for leveling up progress + they are now aligned;
    - Altr of occult right click options now work.
    - Added sand crabs to the home area to train up your account on first login!
    - Added summoning obelisk+shop to home.
    - Corrected a bunch of global messages
    - Changed the layout of the information tab quite a bit.
    - Added support for more titles on the title interface.
    - All commands has now been sorted.
    - Donator ranks now has their correct extra droprate, extra skilling xp rate & correct amount total donated.
    - You can now click most of the text inside the information tab.
    - Corrected sand crab bonuses + removed some spawns from home.
    - Fixed dung party, can now enter the dungeon with a party
    - Examine on items will no longer say ''coins'' on the end.
    - Added 2 new bank booths to the ''pvm hub'', removed the 2 booths from the center at home.
    - Global Double XP & Global droprate boost will now show if active or not inside the info tab.
    - Slayer tasks monsters left should now be fixed.
    - Skilling points will now correctly track inside your information tab.
    - You will now get coin bags from home thieving stalls.
    - Updated all global messages to make them look cleaner.
    - When HCIM dies it will now show his total level and total xp gained in that life.
    - Charm messages will now longer have a underscore in its name.
    - Closing the bank interface will now actually register as closed.

    Spoiler for Update log #5:

    - The inferno teleport has been fixed.
    - Reduced pest control wait timers.
    - Updated Normal Mystery Boxes.
    - Added 3 donator stores to home (Prices subject to change based on feedback).
    - The perk ''Thick Skin'' has been reduced in price.
    - Teleporting to the inferno will now start the controller correctly.
    - Added Tanner Npc to the donator zone (:hub).
    - Added Cannon Npc to the donator zone (:hub).
    - Added a new SPECIAL object to the donator zone (:hub).
    - Trading with the food & potion shop will now open fishing supplies shop.
    - Added Bob Barter to home for decanting your potions.
    - Moved Nurmof Npc to the mining area at home
    - Removed scimitar shop npc (Draga) from home.
    - Moved Estate Agent & House Portal to the skilling area at home.
    - Reduced sand crab spawns at home.
    - Added zookeeper npc to the home area (Penguins).
    - Added Partygoer npc to the home area (Donator point shops).
    - Disabled Dwarf Cannons Inside the Alchemist, Zulrah & Vorkath.
    - Converting bonds will now show your correct total amount donated.
    - Ironman players can now fight in the wilderness again.
    - Finishing warriors guild collection log will now send the right global message.
    - You are now able to use all Ancient Effigies.
    - You can now activate the prayers 'Rigour' & 'Augury' Using the dungeoneering unlock scrolls.
    - You can no longer get revenant as a slayer task.
    - You are now able to use a chisel on the serpentine visage to create the helm.
    - You are now able to use a chisel on the tanzanite fang to create a blowpipe.
    - Increased the toxic blowpipe's its strength bonus & increased the speed.
    - Craw's bow (Blood) is now working correctly.
    - Increased the speed for craw's bow & crystal bow.
    - Zulrah will now drop more scales per kill.
    - Increased the amount of slime needed for upgrading items.
    - Npc's aggression check is now working correctly.
    - Npcs will now turn agro when using aggression potions
    - You are now able to combine 200x shards of armadyl to create a orb of armadyl.
    - You are now able to crush shards of armadyl into dust of armadyl.
    - You are now able to craft armadyl runes at the air altar (Requires Pure essence & Dust of armadyl).
    - You are now able to create a armadyl battlestaff using a orb of armadyl on a battlestaff.
    - Added a banker at rogue's den.
    - Dungeoneering will now give you tokens again.
    - Corrected bolt tip fletching for all gems.
    - All cutted gems & pearls now has the option 'craft' to them.
    - Increased all coin rewards from cash bags obtain by thieving stalls at home.
    - Opening coin bags will now automatically open them all.
    - Occult necklace now has their correct item bonuses.
    - Inquisitor's mace now has their correct item bonuses.
    - Added 'infinity' to the rare drop table messages.
    - Lootbeams now only trigger if the item is above 200k gp.
    - You can now charge your bracelet of ethereum with 1000 revenant ether.
    - Added total donator points to the info tab.
    - Moved skill points to the events tab
    - Increased max health given by the perk 'Thick Skin'.
    - Controlers will now end when you logout.
    - Dwarf Multi Cannon will now work in the wilderness again.
    - Fixed the random numbers for hit chances using the cannon (same dmg output)
    - Craw's bow now has the ranging options as it should.
    - Noted Inquisitor's full helm will now switch to their correct noted id.
    - Noted Pink santa hat will now switch to their correct noted id.
    - All jadinko's now have the correct rs slayer requirement, 80 for babies, 86 for guards & 91 for males.
    - Revenants now drop the correct Uncharged craw's bow.
    - You can now open grand exchange through npcs again.
    - Toxic blowpipe speed has been corrected to the right value (OSRS Wiki).
    - Craw's bow speed has been corrected to right value (OSRS Wiki).
    - Updated Kree'arra their loot table.
    - Lottery will no longer take cash from both your moneypouch & inventory.
    - You can no longer safespot any of godwars bosses.
    - Home teleport is now a quick-tele again, custom animations are only for lodestones
    - Added global skilling events, Participate in various skills to reach top 3 and get rewarded skilling points & cash;
    - Added a teleport to amethyst dragon lair.
    - Added amethyst dragon to the collection log data.
    - Added over 15+ new obtainable items through the workbench (look at home for recipes).
    - Added special attacks for the new enchanted weapons.
    - Overhauled the workbench interface.
    - Dungeoneering will now award you with tokens that can be used in the shop.
    - Corrected viggora's chainmace item id to the correct id, should fix accuracy.
    - Lava flow mining & shooting stars now counts towards the skilling events.
    - Liquid Gold Nymph now has extra chances to receive a golden mining outfit piece drop + you will get extra xp.
    - Golden mining outfit now has the correct boosted experience. (+6% total for full set).
    - Updated icons on the gameframe to match the functionality.
    - You are now able to open overload packs again.
    - Increased chances of receiving hazelmere signet ring.
    - Updated skilling shop prices.
    - Arealooting has been enabled and can be accessed through the chatbox buttons.
    - Removed profanity *** text.
    - Removed barrelchest collection log data (only 2 items in it).
    - The Alchemist will now drop 1-5 enchanted stones
    - Sunfreet will now drop 1-2 enchanted stones
    - Kalphite Queen will now drop 1-2 enchanted stones.
    - All npcs have a chance to drop a enchanted stone however this is very rare..
    - Increased chances of triggering scythe of vitur (blood)
    - Pushed fix for inferno glyph dissapearing
    - Added bank tables at the lleyta area
    - Fixed obby maul shared xp
    - Fixed Toktz-xil-ak now uses the correct animation
    - You are now able to enchant onyx necklaces
    - You can now fill rune essence pouches
    - Ornate rejuvnation pool now restores your summoning.
    - Toxic Blowpipe strength has been lowered.
    - Added dungeoneering points to the extra info tab.
    - Craw's bow now has a attack speed of 2 seconds instead of 3.
    - Toxic blowpipe's speed now has a attack speed of 2 seconds instead of 3.
    - You are now able to kill other ironman accounts in the wilderness.
    - Disabled quick-home teleport button to prevent deep wildy teleporting
    - Reduced Enraged Olm Spawn time from 2 hours to 1 hour
    - Superior Smoke Devils now have proper hp and stats
    - Nerfed abyssal whip/dagger drop rate
    - Removed dung bosses that cannot be attacked/or are not working correctly temp fix for now.
    - You are now able to buy an overload pack from the vote store.
    - All player files will now automatically back-up using 3rd party software to ensure your account is always saved incase there are rollbacks.
    - Spinning the Squeal of Fortune will now force-spin and load your reward instantly.
    - Revamped skilling store & adjusted prices.
    - Added skilling pendant store.
    - Skilling pendants now depletes after 1 hour, you can check remaining time using the option ''check''
    - Slime Exchanging has been fixed + added a few new items to it.
    - You are now able to fuse zenyte shards + added tp to it.
    - You are now able to craft uncut zenytes
    - You are now able to use zenytes gems on furnaces, needs gold bar & mould.
    - "From the ashes" perk will now instantly scatter your ashes.
    - "Pyromatic" perk will now count towards comp cape requirement + daily challenges.
    - "Soul eater" perk will now show the correct hit look + triggers more often.
    - AoE weapons now attacks a maximum of 4 targets instead of 3.
    - Daily challenges for leather crafting is now tracking all leather types.
    - You can now loot individual items inside the area looter.
    - You can make bolt tips from dragonstone gems.
    - Dwarf cannon damage output has been lowered.
    - Skeletal wyverns will now count as a Dragon Type NPC.
    - Dragon Hunter Lance (e) its damage output has been buffed.
    - Lowered droprates for abyssal whips, daggers & godwars pieces.
    - Global skilling events will now last for 2 hours instead of 1.
    - Cinderbane gloves will now trigger more often (Increased from 40% chance to 60% chance).
    - Swift gloves effect will now trigger more often.
    - Toxic blowpipe will no longer ALWAYS consume darts, it still consumes it but random chances decide to keep a dart.
    - Reduced the amount of sand crabs spawned at the beach.
    - Advanced gnome course now counts towards your total laps.
    - Corrected the burnt sardine id, you no longer get burnt shrimp.
    - You can now use all types of ashes on the prayer altar for prayer XP.
    - Sword of justice now has their correct weapon attack emote.
    - You no longer need 120 dungeoneering for max cape but only for completionist cape.
    - Enchanted stone now drops more frequently.
    - You can now get sirenic scales (min. 1, max. 5) as a rare drop from various NPCS throughout ikadia.
    - You can now get sirenic scales from various slayer monsters.
    - You can now get sirenic scales by opening toxic chests.
    - You can now craft sirenic armour using the sirenic scales.
    - Added algarum thread to the skilling point store.
    - Buffed golden shoulder pets droprate.
    - You can now craft all god books by using the pages on the required book.
    - Potions decanting (pouring one container to another) for vials & flasks are now working correctly.
    - All herblore daily challenges should now track properly.
    - Added 2 NEW game perks, check them out in-game what they do and how much they cost!
    - Ironman accounts can no longer ''drop-trade'' inside the wilderness.
    - Corrected king black dragon causing a null, should no longer happen.
    - New donator zone for Addy+ donors (;;azone)
    - You can now do ::compcape to open up the dialogue for comp cape requirements & info.
    - Superior slayer monsters will now spawn 1/30 instead of 1/50.
    - Toxic Blowpipe's dps has been lowered by 25%.
    - Twisted Bow & Twisted bow(blood) now has an invisible boost of +15 ranged strength.
    - Twisted bow (Blood) now has a speed of 3 (same category as shortbows).
    - Blood versions of t-bow & scythe now costs more to upgrade.
    - Craw's bow (blood) now has a +26 ranged strength bonus + speed has been set to 4 (same as crossbows).
    - Dark ether bow has been decreased in speed from 2 to 3.
    - The Alchemist combat script has slighty been altered and should no longer spam attack you (could still happen but less).
    - Updated some engine timers to a new system to prevent being stuck in instances (should happen less often).
    - Wearing cooking gauntlets now grants 1.01% extra xp.
    - Brawling cooking gloves now gives 1.1% extra xp in the wilderness.
    - Wearing a full set of sous chef (cooking outfit) now grants 1% for each piece (total of 6%).
    - Toolkits will now never drop, but disappear instead.
    - Comp cape requirement 'Complete Inferno' has been moved to the trimmed requirements.
    - Added a new comp cape requirement ''Open atleast x50 crystal chests''.
    - Kiln minigame should no longer ''null'' you when entering the last few waves.
    - Added a temp combat script for xarpus, this is by no means the final combat script.
    - Xarpus now has a damage cap of 750 max hit.
    - Death method has been fixed, you should no longer get stuck at home.
    - Toxic blowpipe will save 1/10 darts at random.
    - Sinkholes now appear in server-events
    - All slayer helmets have received a massive buff to their damage output.
    - Black masks are viable and can be used to get you extra slayer XP.
    - the Golden goblin pet now only pick ups items that has a value over 50k+ gp.
    - the Golden goblin pet now picks up ancient effigies.
    - Ancient effigies will now drop more often, changed the droprate from 1/1000 to 1/800.
    - Ancient effigies now has a lootbeam over the drop.
    - All npcs will now drop more coins.
    - Xarpus will now drop for multiple people if you done damage to it.
    - Xarpus is now considered as multi area.
    - Added Xarpus to the global teleports under 'bosses'
    - Slayer skilling event no longer gives loads of xp, but 400-700 max. so other events are viable aswell if not better.
    - Evil tree now gives x2 the amount of cash + you will now receive 2 SoF spins from it.
    - Lowered the droprate for sirenic scales.
    - Lowered the droprate for enchanted stones.
    - NPCs above combat level 520 will now randomly grants you 2000 Ikadia points; 1/50
    - Abyssal whip (e) stats have been buffed.
    - Hardcore ironmans now lose rank when they die inside the wilderness.
    - Triva bot's message timer has been increased.
    - Glacors & frost dragons are now vulnerable for all fire spells and will be hit twice as hard using them.
    - Dungeoneering tokens will now show the correct amount.
    - Added duel arena teleport to the global teleports.
    - Added wilderness resource area to the global teleports.
    - Wilderness activities has been added. You will get rewarded with wilderness tickets and loads of XP!
    Currently supports the following skills:
    * Woodcutting
    * Fishing
    * Firemaking
    * Cooking
    * Mining
    You can check which wilderness activity is going on inside the server panel!

    - Woodcutting, Mining, Fishing & Cooking skilling outfits has been corrected and fixed and now grants extra bonus xp.
    - You can no longer use the teleport button when you are inside the wilderness.
    - Twisted bow & Twisted bow(blood) has received a huge buff in damage multipliers.
    - You are now able to access the banite rocks north of the glacor cave teleport.
    - All luck boosted items has been fixed and now show the correct droprate multiplier.
    - Area loot custom loot values has been changed to a more realistic amount.
    - Mutated Zygomites no longer has 1hp.
    - Abyssal demons (lite) has been added along with the almighty abyssal whip (lite) which hits twice as fast.
    Be aware, the lite whip degrades overtime. you can charge it with lite shards.
    - Abyssal whip (lite) has been added to the workbench.
    - Abyssal demons (lite) has been added to the global teleports.
    - Lite whips will deal 50% less inside the wilderness.
    - Cave horror drops will now count towards your collection log.
    - Xarpus damage cap has been changed from 850 to 1050.
    - All skills will no longer go over 200M experience.
    - Automated Global Events has been added, including the following events:
    * Mass Bandos - no KC required.
    * Mass Armadyl - no KC required.
    * Mass Zamorak - no KC required.
    * Mass Saradomin - no KC required.
    * Mass Corp
    * Mass Nex
    * Cannonballs - Make twice as many cannonballs.
    * Double XP - Global double xp for everyone.
    * Double Drops - All drops are doubled.
    - Ancient effigies now announce when dropped.
    - Ultimate ironman gamemode has been added, You can create a new account to access this new game mode.
    - New game perk ''Aubury's apprentice'', has a 50% chance to save all runes when casting a spell.
    - New game perk ''Favored Familiars'', All familiars no longer requires scrolls to activate their special ability.
    - Decreased the prices for the perks ''thick skin'' & ''perslaysion''
    - Leather crafting will now count towards total items made.
    - Increased droprate for lite whip & lite shards.
    - Increased droprate for twisted bow & scythe from xarpus
    - Completely redone the shops system.
    - Added wilderness point store to Mandrith + added a dialogue to it.
    - Updated the way instances are created, should no longer be able to overlap other instances (pm me if you find one tho).
    - Corrected all droprates for abyssal demon types (ice & lite) + added golden pets & sirenic scales to them.
    - Made changes to the droprate system and should feel way more accurate than it was before.
    - Dark ether bow has been buffed.
    - You are now able to fuse dragon arrows & slime to dark ether arrows.
    - All recipes inside the workbench has a 50%+ rate to succeed + corrected some chance rates.
    - Some recipes have been lowered in price.
    - Lite shards are now tradeable.
    - Abyssal whip (lite) is now tradeable.
    - Craw's bow is now tradeable.
    - All golden shoulder pets are now tradeable.
    - Corrected cooking, fishing & firemaking xp rates.
    - Corrected attack styles for all scythes.
    - Lottery will now take 5% of the prizepot (acts as a money sink).
    - Lottery no longer takes 10m cash but instead 5m as intented.
    - Trimmed completionist cape requirements have been changed, they will be more pvm focused rather than skilling (still includes skilling).
    - Kiln minigame no longer gets stuck at wave 1.
    - You can now teleport out of the kiln minigame.
    - You are now able to use the area looter inside the ice dungeon.
    - Sanguinesti staff has received a buff towards dmg output.
    - Armadyl crossbow is now acting as an actual range weapon.
    - Buffed the loot chances of the ikadia mystery boxes.
    - Buffed the loot chances of the slayer tier caskets
    - Staff of sand & staff of pure flame have received a huge buff towards their special ability.
    - Increased speed for staff of armadyl + the spell has received a buff.
    - Toxic blowpipe's dragon darts will now have a 1/25 chance to save the dart.
    - Nerfed the lord of lightning boss, it will have a decrease in healing itself + it can no longer hit 990's.
    - Recipe for disaster is now working properly.
    - All special runes (Elemental, Catalytic, Mist, Dust, Mud, Smoke, Steam & Lava) are now working correctly.
    - Fightcaves has been fixed and is now working properly.
    - Fightkiln has been fixed and is now working properly.
    - Controllers & Instances are no longer shared, meaning they work properly again.
    - The very first elite dungeon/raid type minigame has been added "The Hive", you can access it inside the global teleports.
    * Rewards include:
    Raids 1 & 2 items
    & Loads of Misc items + Dungeoneering tokens & xp.
    - Fletching xp for arrow shafts are now the same for every log type.
    - Wilderness is now fixed & people can now attack eachother again.
    - Game perk ''the butcher'' has been fixed and no longer overrides accuracy multipliers.
    - Dark ether arrows are now working with the noxious bow & twisted bow (all types).
    - You are now able to fuse a pair of underworld boots through the work bench.
    - Failed attempts when using the workbench will now announce for others to see.
    - Added a bunch more bee nest spawns & updated the way bee's spawn.

    Original Venomite team, Matrix team, Zamron team, Reverenddread, Patrity, Rogers & Others that have contributed towards rsps.

    Last edited by Slay Kid; 03-06-2023 at 02:17 AM.
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    Good luck
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    Your client is so messed up :/ fix please
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    best of luck buddy
    i do some gfx

    Spoiler for bboom:

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    Quote Originally Posted by _Syzygy_ View Post
    Your client is so messed up :/ fix please
    We have deployed a new client, first time noticing this issue. Thanks!
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    Looks cool.

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    Best of luck ,looks nice
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    bump, 50+ online. Come join us!
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    Hello everyone,
    As the server has recently launched on February 1st, our full attention has been given to fixing bugs and taking care of unfinished or incorrect systems in the game. Therefore, you won't be seeing any new content in this patch. However, as you'll see we managed to smash out quite a lot in the last four days. Therefore, we are proud to say that content expansion will be coming next week. For those of you who haven't already joined us, please do so by clicking HERE.

    - Rakes, spades & seed dibber now are detected in your toolbelt and you no longer need them in your inventory.
    - Updated lootations for vote mystery boxes.
    - Increased revenants drop table.
    - Fishing spot at catherby will now catch Lobsters.
    - You can now smelt bars at the edgeville furnace.
    - You no longer get instant damaged when going to the desert area if you are below 150 hitpoints.
    - Greater demon & Vampyre task teleports are corrected.
    - Zamorakian hasta's + Scythe of Vitur's stats has been corrected
    - Knives & darts now has increased strength bonuses & corrected knives speed.
    - You will no longer get damage at thieving stalls when having the sneak_factor perk activated.
    - You can now open ''bulging tax bags''
    - Increased range projectiles speed.
    - Added a bunch of cave horror spawns
    - Shop buy & sell prices are corrected.
    - Reverted some 718 models back to 685 models.
    - All spiritual mage's npc ids will now update the clog for dragon boots.
    - Locations for mining at varrock west/east have been swapped and corrected
    - Rope swing at the Barbarian Agility Course now works correctly
    - You can no longer buy a fighter torso from the vote point store. (edited)
    - Greater Nechryaels at catacombs now has their correct bonuses & stats.
    - Daily tasks for leathing crafting has been fixed.
    - Zygomites now have their correct bonuses & stats.
    - ''Buy spins'' option on Squeal of fortune tab now opens the ikadia store page.
    - Corrected the max hit damage cap on fungal mages. (from 50 to 232).
    - Increased the catch rate for hunter npcs.
    - Woodcutting teleport to draynor has been corrected.
    - You will no longer get randomly xp locked.
    - You are now required level 60 mining to enter the mining guild.
    - You are now required level 68 fishing to enter the fishing guild.
    - You are now required level 40 crafting to enter the crafting guild.
    - You are now required level 32 cooking to enter the cooking guild.
    - You can are now able to chop mahogany & teak tree's.
    - Some rare drops not being shown in the droptable interface has been fixed.
    - Fletching arrow shafts for multiple logs now has their correct values: Normal: 15, Oak: 30, Willow: 45, Maple: 60, Yew: 75, Magic: 90 & Redwood: 115
    - You can now open vote mystery boxes.
    - Removed GE Global messages
    - You can now mine Gem rocks
    - Wilderness Agility Course is now giving xp upon completion.
    - Cinderbane gloves have been buffed
    - Burnt arena tele for enraged olm added in bosses tab
    - Bonecrusher is now working with your necklaces for restoring prayers.
    - All ladders inside the mining guild are now working correctly.
    - Death method has been fixed
    - Added a new info panel for points & events
    - Increased the skilling & boss pet droprate
    - Youtubers & Owners/Developers no longer gets updated to the hiscores.
    - Charms magnet, charm tax & charm donator benefit are now working again.
    - Bork will now drop lots of charms at a 100% rate.
    - Global droprate boost book now is valued at 100M cash again.
    - Fixed attack speeds on ranged weaponry
    - Fixed an issue with The Hive causing a null.
    - Updated client, should no longer freezes for some players.
    - You can now right click other players their pet/familiar.
    - Ornate rejuvnation pool no longer resets boosted stats.
    - You'll now need construction materials to build things in your house.
    - Bork respawn timer lowered
    - Cerberus drops will now show in the rare drop messages.
    - Drops from sire, zulrah & kraken will now be dropped under your player character.
    - All cursed collection logs now has a shared log with their normal variant.
    - Events & Info tab is now refreshing every second.
    - Added a few new items to the squeal of fortune.
    - Noted items from the squeal of fortune will now go unnoted to your bank.
    - You are now able to attack hydra's inside dungeoneering (removed slayer lvl notification).
    - You can now push-through magical wheat at puro puro.
    - Coins dropped from npcs will now always drop below your player character.
    - All godwars bosses their respawntimer has been reduced by 50%
    - Dark demon minions should now de-spawn if the boss is killed.
    - Fixed the hunter catch rate formula.
    - Combo foods are now working (Karambwanji, karambwani, crunchies & batta's).
    - Fletching XP has been fixed to their normal amounts.
    - I've re-added the options ''Craft'' & "Light'' to the normal types of wood & uncut gems.
    - Renamed tax bags to coin bags & made them stackable.
    - typo when enraged olm spawn has been corrected.
    - Corrected trivia, ikadia & vote point shop.
    - Gem rocks will mine faster + reduced the respawn delay.
    - You are now able to enter the fight kiln cave + added a teleport to it.
    - Zygomited on death no longer turn into white knights.
    - You can use the ''ESC'' key to close interfaces.
    - You can now use the ''HOME'' key to teleport to home.
    - You are now able to use the Spacebar to continue dialogues.
    - You can no longer receive hobgoblins as a slayer task
    - You can no longer switch your profanity filter for now, its set to false by default
    - Bork's respawn timer has been reduced.
    - You can no longer receive Crimson swifts as your daily challenge.
    - Boss timers has been added for several bosses.
    - Increased the value for the lootbeam trigger.
    - Golden shoulder pets has been added (gives extra droprate), abyssal demons & dark beasts drop them.
    - Added golden pets to the collection log of dark beast & abyssal demon.
    - Fight caves now starts at Jad. Also buffed Jad.
    - Buffed pest control points so void is less of a grind
    - Fixed zygomites stats
    - Pest control boat wait time reduced
    - Grand Exchange has been re-enabled & corrected the sell prices.
    - Fixed the messages for your <ring> shines more brightly showing for some rings.
    - Dung Rewards shop has been fixed. Removed it giving you more tokens rather than taking the ones you have.
    - Dungoneering spellbook has been fixed.
    - You can no longer smuggle items out of dungeoneering
    - All scythes are now 2H weapons
    - Corporeal beast and Vorkath will now eat your familiars when summoned.
    - Completionist cape requirements has been updated + added trimmed comp requirements
    - Implemented NPC spawns to all Resource Dungeons
    - General graardor now drops a bandos helmet.
    - Boss pets will now update in your collection log.
    - Vyrewatches are now immune to magic attacks.
    - Npcs will now check if your slayer level is high enough.
    - You can no longer kill other players glacytes.
    - You can no longer sell unlimited items from the grand exchange to shops.
    - Kree'arra now drops armadyl boots, gloves & buckler.
    - You will now require free inventory slots in order to start fletching stackable items.
    - Smelting cannonballs now has the correct method for them.
    - Total star dust mined is now tracked
    - Implemented a global lottery system
    - Optimized Memory Usage
    - Decreased timer when a dungeon ends for the next dungeon
    - Dungeoneering controller should now register as leaved when logged out.
    - Updated the Luminescent Ice fiend combat script.
    - Crystal keys no longer shows up in the drop announcements
    - Added dwarf traders to the global teleports [ Skilling>Thieving ]
    - Added grenwalls to the global teleports [ Skilling>Hunter ]
    - Added Falconry to the global teleports [ Skilling>Hunter ]
    - You can no longer plant flowers with mithril seeds.
    - You now need level 99 slayer in order to get reaper tasks from death.
    - Aggressive npcs will now become passive over time if you are in the area for too long.
    - Npcs will now check the distance between player and npc correctly.
    - Smelting bars in furnaces are now working properly again.
    - Changed the calculation of squeal of fortune chances.
    - Ironmans now have 1/50 chance to get a ava's attractor from crabs, slugs, banshees & crawling hands.
    - Ironmans now have a 1/400 chance to get an helm of neitiznot from npcs.
    - Ironmans are now able to use the tool leprechaun teleports dialogue.
    - Crystal & Bra'ws bow now have correct attack speed
    - Revenants now drop the correct Bracelet of Etherume (Was wrong ID)
    - Implemented a 3rd Ironman shop with miscellaneous beginner items
    - Updated Reaper & Brimstone chest loot to be more rewarding
    - Added Ivandis Flail to slayer shop for vyrewatch tasks
    - Added all the correct minable ores to wilderness resource arena
    - Slightly buffed the drop rate for uniques from revenant DRAGONS.
    New Discord is 'zexillium'

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