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    • What is Argoury Website Suite? This project is a learning process for me to do web development for my server so I am working on a fully functional Runescape remake that is easy for everyone or anyone to use when it is complete.

    Website Miscs

    • Website displays amount of players in your server on the website

    • Replaced Advert box with discord for your server

    • Splash Screen / can modify simply with ur servers videos

    • Website Database

    • Login System / Account System

    • Suite Installer

    • Functional Admin Panel

    • News System

    • Forums

    • Poll System

    • Pm System

    • Account Appeal Management

    • Infraction Center

    • Adventure Logs

    • Highscores

    Admin Control Panel Functions:

    • Account ban

    • Add News

    • Change player rights

    Player Management Panel:

    • Change password

    Website Media

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