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    Hey I rally need your help can you get back to me?
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    Nice to see you trying to shut down my forums with a booter lmfao.
    Anyhow, without any protection, it lagged my forums for 5 minutes.
    However you can use that 5 minutes a day if it's you.

    Nice booter rofl.
    Going to install the protection on the main Dedi now.

    So, nice try.
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    Nah I learned how to DDoS throught my VPS, myself.
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    The retard calls me a retard rofl xD.
    And about immaturity, you shouldn't talk.
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    Why would they be 10-12 old? Are you retarded for real?.

    1 year? Lol... I excepted 100 + players.. but yea 'bitch please' only 19 online.
    And nope, we gained 15+ players in less than a month, we have had daily 20 to 30 players online before runescape 07 released.
    Daniel had to switch dedis & caused a openVZ gateway problem.
    The problem took about 5 days to fix, he fixed it himself, cause hes' not retarded as you.

    And oh dear god.. If I was clueless.. I wouldn't even argue with you mate, I would just give up.
    This is absolutely going to shut down within a month or two, and if it won't.. Ill help a bit.

    Anyway, stop acting like you're smart or something, because you aren't.. if you were, these people would never call you a retard, and trust me, they are 16+, everyone of them.
    One of them is 22 actually, which is chris, and 19 my dev.

    Good luck event leecher.
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    Lol the biggest retard there (Considering the following people are calling you a retard: Me, Grant, Chris, Daniel, Bradley Austin, Sky, Resolute, James, My dev)
    is calling me a retarded person? Bitch please... You don't have an excuse for these people to call you a retarded person. It's like saying.. 'Im fine, the world is dumb'.
    I have ran a voting event right before I shut down GX (Due to 07 runescape).
    Once again, RSPS is retarded now.

    Pking level idea was original by Grant mate.
    Anyway, I can't wait to the moment that I will laugh whenever your server will slowly start to die.
    (Oh it already did rofl)

    +++ We have discussed it before, I told u my ideas even before logging in to your server, and u said u have them to. so I logically thought about these ideas myself.
    + BH system is runescape's idea.

    Nice leech from RS big boy.
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    Nah not failed, just decided to close be cause RSPS is retarded after real oldschool rs is up.
    Nice leeching my idea cop.
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    Btw you said your player base is not decreasing.

    *14 online*.
    + Why is your forums down? I thought you had 1gbit uplink?
    It's not me this time, dw.
    I wouldn't waste bandwidth just on your forums.
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    Anyway bruski, Mad guy, whatever your name is,

    I am heading to bed now - was a good talk, going to continue programming the hg web system.

    Something from my friend:
    [2/03/2013 10:28:28 PM] Bradley Austin: Jagge, you are a giant retard and i'm honestly amazed that you even managed to set up your shitty RSPS considering your lack of basic fucking knowledge. Also, you pay far too much for everything because you are fucking retarded xoxoxo. btw useful link: HTTP header injection - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    I love the fact that you say ' Anyone can code this '. Shall I ask on your forums, who can code that kind of system?.
    Lmao, cya.
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    It was caused by your searching script. I dont even remember how it looks, because I have redone everything.
    If I don't understand PHP AT ALL, then how did I code a 35% commenting system?

    That's how it is going to be. I don't even think you're advanced at PHP, You know.. coding highscores, donate/vote system is nothing compared to adv php.
    Started my own forums script, and my own CMS system for the hunger games project.

    Stop saying shit about me you don't know just to try and offend.
    Get your facts right conisdered you said I don't understand PHP AT ALL yet I have coded this simple OOP script.
    Oh god, how can a human brain be so retarded.
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